There is something extra sweet about having a home newborn lifestyle session. It’s such a beautiful personal touch for you and your baby to look back at their first home and relive all those memories together.
I was more than happy to make the drive to Monterey, California to meet this little bundle of joy! Not only is this new mom one of my best friends, she is also my daughter Madelyn’s God Mother! So it was extra special to capture these memories for her and her husband!
On top of being a new mom this talented friend of mine also runs a baking blog! My daughter absolutely loves baking with her. We were all excited when we found out she was having a girl. Especially Madelyn, who can’t wait to bake all together with her new “cousin”!
The session could not have gone any better. Baby girl did wonderful the entire time. She was so sleepy and perfectly content being snuggled up with mom and dad!
PS – This pretty pink lace dress is from my client closet and is ready for you to use for your next session!

Is a home session right for you?

Home sessions are a great option for many reasons. If you have little ones already you know the chaos of the newborn stage. The sleepless nights, the millions of diapers and countless spit-ups. Having your newborn photos captured in the comfort of your home allows you to get that personal touch and also relieve some stress. You don’t have to worry about rushing to get to your sessions in time, praying baby doesn’t have a blowout on the way or forgetting something at home.
Now don’t get me wrong, home sessions are not for everyone. If you are going to feel more stressed about having your home perfectly clean then maybe a studio session is more your speed! Whatever your location preference may be, you will not want to miss out on having newborn photos captured with your sweet baby!
Enjoy this adorable home newborn lifestyle session!
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If you are deciding between a home newborn session and a studio newborn session, check out the blogs I linked to get a better idea of what’s best for you!

Home Newborn Lifestyle Session | Monterey, California

Home Newborn Lifestyle Session

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