Top 3 Posing Prompts For children

In trying to find ways to serve my clients during this uncertain time, I had the idea to share my top 3 posing prompts for children! Trust me when I say I 1000% understand how frustrating it can be to take photos of your children. Especially ones that have been cooped up in the house for weeks. I want you to be able to capture your children during this time when I am not able to help provide beautiful memories for you. (which let me tell you, is killing me!) I know you are ready to kiss covid-19 goodbye just as much as I am!
When capturing children I aim to capture and encourage moments that show authentic emotion and their individual personalities. So rather than, “Ok kiddos, sit right here, don’t move, and smile” here are a few posing prompts for how to capture them a little more naturally (and frankly and bit less frustrating for you as well).


1.  Ring around the Rosie

This is great movement and helps show the kids being playful together! You can also rotate a parent in to switch it up a bit and make sure parents are still in pictures during these times. Kids can hold hands for a standard ring around the rosie or do more of a follow the leader form & run around a bush, parent or object singing the song!
Top 3 Posing Prompts For children Top 3 Posing Prompts For children

2. Red Light, Green Light

What kid doesn’t love some good old fashioned red light, green light? Try changing it up with having them skip, run, twirl or dancing while playing. You can even throw a parent in with this as well!
Top 3 Posing Prompts For children Top 3 Posing Prompts For children

3.  Standard Smiling

Ok, I know we talked about not having them sit and smile but hear me out with this one. You can have them sit and smile but also play a few little games with it! Try saying things like “Let’s see who has the best smile! Best one gets a treat” then rotate who gets the treat (As a mama of three I am all about some bribery)! Have them close their eyes and open and smile on 3! Or you can even ask them to smile at you like they are smiling for Santa or the Easter bunny (with Easter around the corner it could be something simple like… “I am sending this picture to the Easter Bunny & whoever smiles gets an extra treat in their basket”).
Top 3 Posing Prompts For children
Top 3 Posing Prompts For children


I hope these posing ideas are helpful! Check out my recent post Five Tips for Indoor photos on Your Phone for more tips on capturing your kiddos during this time. You can also check out my “Tips & Tricks” highlight on my instagram for even more!

Top 3 Posing Prompts For children

Top 3 Posing Prompts For children

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