This precious newborn boy joined the world just a few weeks ago! I am so thankful I was able to capture his fresh 48 photos for him and his sweet mom and dad at Saint Agnes Hospital in Fresno, CA.
Not only was I able to capture this families fresh 48 session, I was also able to photograph their maternity and newborn photos as well! It was extra sweet since this little guy is the first baby in the family!
Sweet boy loved being swaddled. His favorite spot was on moms shoulder. He was such a calm baby and only cried once while I was there. Mom scooped him up and put him right on her shoulder and he quickly went back to calm as soon as she did.
I hope you enjoy this precious session!

Saint Agnus Hospital in Fresno, CA Saint Agnus Hospital in Fresno, CA Saint Agnus Hospital in Fresno, CA Saint Agnus Hospital in Fresno, CA baby footprints in hospital bed fresh 48 session fresh 48 session

Look at that full head of hair!

fresh 48 session fresh 48 session fresh 48 session fresh 48 session

Oh my heart! Such an amazing memory for this sweet family!

dad kissing newborn baby boy fresh 48 session

“Ten Little fingers, ten perfect toes, fill our heart with love that overflows”

newborn baby boy photos Newborn hospital photos fresh 48 session newborn baby boy fresh 48 fresh 48 session fresno fresh 48 photographer newborn hospital photos

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

Fresh 48 sessions are special sessions for those new/growing families who want the first few hours of their newborn’s life captured without having the entire labor documented.

These lifestyle sessions are perfect for remembering those first moments forever.  Shots of your little one’s first yawns, cute little baby feet, fingers, belly button and more will be documented. In addition, I can capture the quiet moments between you and your new little one along with some of the family.

I will come to your place of birth within 48 hours from delivery.  This is not a newborn session.  I do not pose the baby, bring props or lighting.  This will just be me capturing your baby’s sweet new moments in a fresh and natural way!

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Fresh 48 Photos – Fresno, CA

dad kissing newborn baby boy

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