First off, congrats on your engagement! Now it’s time for some fun! Your engagement pictures! I want to help you out by giving you 6 tips on preparing for your engagement session!
California engagement session

1. Communication with your photographer

The best way to prepare for your photos is to have good communication with your photographer before hand. Let them know what kind of overall look or vibe you are wanting. Let them help decide on the area or location. They will know if it can be captured local or if will you will need to travel to achieve your desired look.
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2. Outfits

Work with your photographer on what they recommend for outfits and what will look best on camera! You will want a few options so you have a variety of looks. I like to suggest my clients to have at least one look thats a long flowy maxi dress. I prefer dresses for both looks as it gives movement and a softness to the images but if you want a more casual look that’s ok too! These are your photos and you should feel comfortable in each outfit you choose! If you are having them captured by me, don’t forget to check out my client closet for outfit options! Make sure to ask me just in case I have gotten something new in recently. You can also check out my Pinterest board for outfit ideas!
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3. Trust your photographer

Share your ideas and inspiration with your photographer before hand. Be vocal about your thoughts and concerns but at the end of the day trust your photographer! If you love what you have seen of their work then TRUST that they will deliver the same beautiful portraits to you. They have more experience on what to look for in locations as well as how areas and outfits will look out of camera.
Engagement session tips

4. Make a day out of it

Many brides like to get their hair and makeup done prior to their wedding day as a trial run. This is a great time to practice your wedding day makeup! You also might like to get your nails done since you will most likely be showing off your pretty ring during photos! Then, since you are all done up this is a perfect time for a date night! You and your fiancé should take this opportunity to go on a date or grab a drink together afterwards!
Engagement session tips

5. Talk with your fiancé

Talk with your soon to be spouse prior to your session about what these photos mean to you as well as what to expect for the day. Let him know these will most likely be used for wedding decorations and maybe even save the dates or invitations.
Engagement session tips

6. Have fun!

These photos are about showing your love for each other and your personalities, not just to stand and smile for a picture. Relax, be yourselves and have fun. There is no need to stress! Your photographer should tell you exactly what to do the entire time. During my sessions I have my clients do lots of movement and activities to spark emotion and get you both into the session!
Engagement session tips
I hope these 6 tips on preparing for your engagement session will help you have a little more ease and excitement for your photos!

Preparing For Your Engagement Session – 6 Helpful Tips

California engagement session
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