10 Fun Facts About Helene

I am not a huge fan of talking about myself. However, I know how important it is to entrust someone to capture your family’s precious memories. So, I decided to let you guys know a bit about the person behind the lens. Here are 10 fun facts about me, Helene!

10 fun facts about helene

1. I picked up a camera two years ago exactly (September 2017). I wanted to take my middle son’s (Lucas) nine month pictures. And now have a full time business!

2. My first camera was the very first Canon Rebel that my grandparents bought my Mom for doing their taxes (she’s a CPA). The back of the camera was gray (if you’re a Canon lover you’ll understand how long it’s been since Canon had gray vs black backs.)

3. My whole name is from family… Helene Antonetta. Helene is my mom’s middle name, which came from her grandma’s first name of Helen. Antonetta is my aunt’s first name which was also my grandma’s first name but she went by Nettie.

fun facts about me

4. I was a big volleyball player from fifth grade through high school. I started with cross country in 4th grade (that was the only sport beside wrestling you could play in 4th grade, and I still hate running to this day). My fifth grade teacher then talked me into volleyball and it was all over from there! I played in junior high through high school and even made varsity and captain early on. When I wasn’t playing for school, I was playing travel volleyball up and down California and even in other states! My mom once said we were gone 23 out of 52 weekends one year for volleyball tournaments.

5. As much as I loved volleyball and being athletic… my body didn’t always love it. I’ve had knee and ankle surgery on my left leg as well as still having a jammed left pinkie that I never went to the Dr for (I thought it would get better) but it is crooked to this day. It kind of looks pregnant you could say. And on the topic of surgeries, I’ve also had my tonsils removed and three c section surgeries. Which leads me to fun fact #6…

fun facts about me

6. I have three children. All who are exactly two years and one week apart with birthdays in December… Madelyn, 4.5yrs born 12/15
Lucas, 2.5yrs born 12/8
Aiden, 8 months 12/1

All three have family middle names. We didn’t have any family names that we loved as first names so I kind of broke that tradition, sorry Mom & Dad!

10 fun facts about helene

7. Though one may think as a photographer I have always been into photography, I actually was a Business Marketing major at Fresno State university. When I first started business my mom told me I could be an accountant and eventually take over her business. I figured I had my career all ready to go, however I took my first accounting class and unfortunately realized I would not enjoy being a CPA in any form. The thought of being a physical therapist crossed my mind with my athletic background.

But then I remembered someone telling me “you can’t run any kind of business without marketing” so I switched my major to business marketing and it was all downhill from there. I applied and got accepted for a Target business internship my Junior year, so when I graduated in 2011 I started working for them full time in the HR world. I was there eight years until I had my third baby. Then I became a full time photographer!

8. Growing up I always saw myself living in New York and being a CEO of some big company with an office on the top floor and a great view. Never did I imagine I would live in a small country town on 80 acres of almonds and be the CEO of a photography business. But honestly… I wouldn’t change a thing!

facts about helene

9. I actually really love hip hop music and dancing! Most of my days are now spent listening to Kids Bop, K Love (a Christian music channel) or the never ending Baby Shark. But if you turned on some good old hip hop or even some rap, I can’t promise I won’t bust out a move or even rap along to a few verses.

10. Though I enjoy eating healthy (Hello Paleo) I’m not a huge fan of cooking. My husband is actually the main cook in our house. He’s Italian and feels every meal should be made to the nines… meanwhile I’m over here like give me some boiled chicken and steamed broccoli and I’m good to go. I’ve got way too much stuff to do to make a feast ha! Keeping 3 small children alive, endless laundry, cleaning, running a business and all the other things that already leave me with little sleep… So all the praise for meal prepping and my Paleo treats goes to my husband!

That’s enough about me for now! I would love to meet you and your family and help you create beautiful memories!

10 Fun Facts About Helene

10 fun facts about helene

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