Before and After Edits

There is no doubt that clients get to see most of the work put in by their photographer during their actual session. From posing to lighting and even chasing around littles ones from time to time. But what clients don’t usually get to see is all the work that comes after that. I want to show you some before and after edits so you can get a small glimpse into what is happening behind the scenes while you are waiting on your pretty photos to be done!

Now, I’m not going to explain every single step of the process because well… this is just a blog post and I can’t fit the years of knowledge and all I have learned to get these photos to this point. However, here is a quick overview of my process.


-Downloading Session

-Culling: Selecting the Best Photos

-Adjusting Exposure

-Color Correcting


-Fixing Highlights and Shadows

-Removing Blemishes

-Removing Background Distractions

-A Little Bit of My Personal Styling

-Exporting and Uploading to Your Gallery


That’s the basics of my editing process. Is it much more work that what I just made it sound like? Absolutely! Try adding three screaming children to that process as well!

There are so many different styles of editing out there. From dark and moody, to crisp and clean to light and airy. I like to keep my images clean and timeless! Believe it or not, editing should be a big decision maker in your search for the perfect photographer to fit you! Imagine your images printed out and all around your house when you are looking at the photographers style you are interested in. Not only is their editing style important but their posing style as well!

Check out some of my before and after edits!

before and after edit

before and after edits

editing blog

before and after

before and after side by side

before and after outdoor edit

before and after editing

lifestyle newborn edit

editing baby grace by two

before and after

Before and After Edits

before and after edit
  1. […] If you are interested in learning more, there are tons of youtube videos and instructions out there on how to use these editing apps/presets. Or if you are wanting to get a bit more advanced with your images, try looking into photography tips such as the rule of thirds, negative space and different types of lighting or you are welcome to reach out to me and I am happy to help! If you enjoyed Five Tips for Better Indoor Photos on Your Phone check out some of my before and after edits on my normal photos here! […]

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