Studio Newborn Session

I get so excited every time I get to share a sweet studio newborn session on the blog and this time is no different! Go ahead and get ready to have your heart melted by this precious baby girl!
This family of four lives in the same town as us. I had never officially met them until this session but I have actually seen the dad and son multiple times at a little kids weekly gym! I was surprised that he had remembered me from there as well! Small world!
Big brother Finn loved holding his new little sister… but not for too long! Finn was so fun to photograph. We played lots of games and shared so many sweet giggles.
I can not explain how absolutely sweet this family is. Seeing their happiness and the love they share brings me so much joy! I hope you enjoy this baby girl’s newborn session!
newborn girl studio session grace by two studio newborn
This adorable swaddle is in my client closet for any of my tiny clients to use!
baby girl newborn session newborn girl photo session lifestyle newborn session with big brother big brother kissing baby sister
Big brother is so sweet!
big brother holding baby sister big brother climbing on bed brother and newborn baby sister studio newborn session
Is she not the most precious thing you have ever seen? Gotta love that sleepy newborn stage!
studio newborn session newborn baby toes newborn studio session family newborn session sitting on bed lifestyle studio newborn session family lifestyle newborn session dad holding baby girl
dad holding newborn girl dad and big brother with newborn baby girl
dad with baby girl mom holding baby girl
mom holding newborn baby girl
studio newborn session
Is your heart melted yet?
newborn lifestyle studio session mom and dad holding newborn baby girl
If you just can’t get enough of this sweet little one, here is another adorable newborn girl session!

Studio Newborn Session – Baby Girl

newborn girl studio session

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