Get the most out of your Fall Photo Session

Fall is coming up quickly, you know what that means? It’s almost time for your fall photo session! I want to give you peace of mind using these few tips on how to get the most out of your fall photo session.

1. Do your research: 

It can be so easy to book a session with the first photographer you see talking about their upcoming fall sessions. Before doing so, make sure to look around to find a photographer who has a style that speaks to you! Find someone who you think would be able to capture the personality and dynamics of your family. Check out local photographers on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! Or if you find someone you REALY love that is not local, ask them about their travel rates! Try looking back at their photos from last Fall to see if you think it is something you would want for your family. Make sure to keep your Christmas card ideas in mind as well!

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2. Book in advance:

Fall is by far the busiest time of the year for photographers. Spots fill up fast so booking as early as you can is best! Consider starting to think about your photos in the beginning of summer. I know, I know, no one is thinking about fall photos when it’s time for swimming and vacations. But if photos are important to you, try at least checking in to see if the photographer you love is booking or adding spots to their waiting-list. You can even sign up for their newsletter so you can get a prime spot when it is time to book!

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3. Be flexible time wise:

Photographers live and breathe around lighting (especially if they are a natural light photographer like me)! The timing for sessions are solely based on what will make the best pictures according to that photographer. Sometimes this means in the middle of dinner or past your child’s bedtime. I get it… I’m a parent too and believe me I would rather be home during some of the session times but it’s what is needed for good photos. Photographers want to make sure you get what you pay for and that means the best lighting for the best photo outcome. Some photographers may vary on lighting, but I only shoot my outdoor sessions within 1-2 hours before sunset for outdoors, (during the day for indoors if you would prefer the studio look.)
Fun fact: The later into Fall you book the earlier your session will be due to the sun setting earlier later in the Fall!
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4. Prep Outfits Early:

After booking your session, make sure to work with your photographer on outfit suggestions. You don’t have to buy things right away, but getting a good idea as soon as you can is best! There is always the possibility that you will need to order online and make time to exchange if needed. Ask the photographer if they offer outfit options (like my client closet). The best thing to do is dress mom first! From there you can dress everyone else in outfits according to Mom. For my clients I always recommend long floor length dresses for the moms to give a flowy silhouette look. Make sure to check out Pinterest or other social media for inspiration.
Dads: long jeans/pants and closed toes to keep the focus on his face, stay away from graphics and busy prints on shirts
Little girls: dresses, small bows to keep attention on their faces
Little boys: similar to Dads
Babies: rompers!!

Check out these top places for outfit options:




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5. Prepare your family:

As a photographer I hear all the time “I’m not sure how my children will do but i’ll try”, from my clients. Almost every time the parents are surprised to see that the kiddos do much better than they thought! Making the photos fun for your family is very important. Explain to your spouse why these photos are important you and what you want them for (memories, new wall photos, Christmas cards, etc.). Start talking to your kids about it soon after you book so you can create some excitement around it. Maybe even count down the days until the session? You can even let them come up with something they get if they are good and follow instructions for the session (this mama of three is not above bribery)! Have an older girl who likes to help? Maybe have her help pick out the outfits and be the “big sister” so during the session she might take more ownership in it to help her younger siblings.
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lifestyle fall family photos how to get the most out of your fall session
I hope this help you relax at least a little bit for your fall photo session!

Get the most out of your Fall Photo Session

family swinging little brother

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