If you have been following me for a while now, you may already know that my Birth Story with my first child, my daughter, was not exactly how I have envisioned it.  From 33+ hours of labor, to some complications to an emergency c section those first moments and days as a brand new mother are pretty much a blur.  When you’re doing all you can to hang on through a challenging labor and just trying to get through those first few hours as a parent in the hospital the last thing on your mind, most of the time, is taking pictures and capturing these one time moments.  As I look back now, I wish I had more memories from this time in the hospital… what the names of our wonderful nurses were for one, what my face looked like with exhausted joy expressions and all of the of the beginning moments that were made with our baby in the hospital (beautiful and challenging).

Because I look back and wish I had these memories, it brings me such joy to be able to offer and capture these moments for my clients as a Birth Story & Fresh 48 photographer. Fresh 48 session specially, is a fancy way to say “a photographer will come within 12-48 hours after your baby is born and captures priceless little moments in your hospital room.”  The sessions include capturing the baby alone, with the parents and any siblings that are able to join as well. From moments with the baby to door numbers, each and every detail is captured for your keepsake.

Here are a few of my favorites from a Fresh 48 session with this brand new family of three! Watching them admire their new blessing, figure out what to do as new parents and capture the pure love they had for her through their tired eyes was priceless, or just pure magic one could say.  And I can’t forget the amount of hair that sweet Kennedy had.. I just loved it!

**All photos have been approved by family prior to posting



The Magic of Fresh 48 Sessions

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