Living in an almond orchard the first thing that comes to one’s mind is “blossoms!”  You hear people talk about how beautiful it must be when the trees are in bloom and I already have families booking their “blossom sessions” for the spring.  Though one of my favorite things about living in an almond orchard is the blossoms, I have come to love watching each season of the trees.

Each season brings a different feel among our house. Over the past few years I have really started to see so much beauty in the darker green leaves which turn to stark winter trees.  There is a feeling of pureness, not being dolled up by the blossoms but truly seeing the trees for what they really are.  Not to mention they make you want to be inside, bundled up in cotton jammies and a blazing fire… who doesn’t love that?!

Naturally with enjoying the winter trees I had so much fun shooting the Erickson family in their winter olive orchard.  They brought out the most classic truck I have ever seen, which has been in the family for generations, with a gorgeous Christmas wreath.  With both kids in their country overalls and boots they showed me the ropes of their orchard.

Hugh showed me what he does when he is on the ranch helping his Dad, what the different trees looked like and how to climb a trailer if I needed to get inside of it.  Good thing I was wearing my rain boots!  MaryAva with her sweet pigtails and red ribbon was the star of the show when it came to posing on the truck, she was a true natural!

There was just something so special about the way they all showed so much love for the orchard and each other.  It truly captured how a country Christmas should feel!



A Country Christmas

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